About Us

Welcome to “When I Was An Old Women Blog”!

We are a team of passionate poetry enthusiasts who draw inspiration from the timeless and evocative poem “When I Was An Old Woman” by Jenny Joseph. Our blog is lovingly managed by Elizabeth Lucas, a dedicated admirer of this iconic piece of literature.

Our journey began when Jenny Joseph visited California, where she had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Lucas in person. During her visit, Jenny was honored not only for her exceptional poem but also for being the first international writer to receive such recognition. It was during this memorable encounter that she met Sandra Martz, who later approached Jenny with the idea of using “Warning,” the poem’s first line, as the title for an anthology on aging. The publication of this anthology sparked a renewed interest in Lucas’s immensely popular greeting cards, further fueling the ever-growing fan base of “Warning.”

Over the years, the magic of Jenny Joseph’s poem has transcended borders, captivating readers not only in the United States but also around the world. Its message of embracing life’s adventures, regardless of age, has struck a chord with people from all walks of life.

As our love for poetry and the power of words grew, we decided to expand our creative horizons. While we continue to craft beautiful cards inspired by poems, our blog is a platform where we share our profound appreciation for poetry, engage in thoughtful analysis, and curate a collection of poems that resonate with the human spirit.

We invite you to explore our blog, delve into the world of poetry with us, and join in the celebration of the written word. We hope that you not only enjoy our poems but also find inspiration, solace, and joy in the timeless verses we share. Thank you for being a part of our poetic journey, and we look forward to the adventures that lie ahead in the world of words.