Lucas Elizabeth

lucas-elizabethLucas Elizabeth is very talented at art and writing. For a long time, she designed incredible greeting cards that were beautiful and creative. The cards she made were special because they looked amazing but they also touched people’s hearts. Elizabeth would carefully craft the cards for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations of life. Her cards used art and words together to make moments feel magical.

One day, Elizabeth decided to take a famous poem called “Warning” and put it on one of her cards. She used her artistic talent to make the poem into a gorgeous card. People all over the country fell in love with this card! It helped more and more people discover the poem. This card even changed the greeting card business forever.

Now, Elizabeth wants to focus just on poetry instead of greeting cards. She started a website to share classic poems she loves. But the website also lets her share her very own poems with the world for the first time! Making cards helped Elizabeth practice using art and words creatively over the years. All of those skills make her poetry even more beautiful today as she follows her passion.