Elizabeth Lucas

Elizabeth Lucas

Lipstick On The Pig Poem

Lipstick On The Pig Poem

The idiom "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig" inspired a powerful poem by Antonio...

Funny Pastor Appreciation Poems

Funny Pastor Appreciation Poems

Pastors have a challenging job tending to the spiritual needs of their flock while also handling the logistics of running...

let Them

Let Them Poem By Cassie Phillips

Cassie Phillips' viral poem "Let Them" offers balm for battered spirits in the aftermath of fractured bonds. With stirring insight,...


Poemhub Updated 2024

Are you looking for Poemhub? Poemhub - A Community for Poem Lovers That Has Gone Quiet Poemhub is a Facebook...

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Lucas Elizabeth

Poetry Enthusiast and Poet

Lucas Elizabeth, a devoted poetry enthusiast and amateur poet, shares her passion for verses and written expression on the Wheniamanoldwoman blog. Her insightful analyses and heartfelt poems reflect her deep connection to the art of poetry, as she aims to inspire and connect with readers who share a love for poetic expression.